July Conservation Day

Nutfield Marshes: 30 pupils were praised for their excellent conservation work on clearing a channel of choking typha reeds. They formed a big team and worked hard together both in the stream and on dry land clearing willow coppice. They were a superb bunch and were highly regarded as one of the best RGS conservation teams that Reigate Area Conservation Volunteers has seen.  Very well done folks!
If you want to do MORE conservation in your own time … contact Mr Collins for RACV details: YOU can save the World, starting in your own back yard!
Next RGS conservation day: December 13

2 thoughts on “July Conservation Day

  1. This is a good start. There is an enormous quantity of this plant needing clearance worldwide. But, to make it sustainable, you must do something useful with the weed. At this scale, that’s difficult. But this scale needs to be done everywhere, so systems to collect and process it will be needed. The weed will be back. You will have to clear it many times. It can be made into fuel in several ways.

  2. Thanks for your helpful comment. We are building a regular conservation programme for our students so, with their hard work, I hope we can save a small piece of our habitat with regular visits.

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