Nutfield Marsh Conservation Day June 28 2013


26 RGS Bronze DofE students spent the day working on Nutfield Marsh nature reserve improving habitats. The moors area of the wetlands has no public right of way and the group was given special access to conduct important conservation work with RACV (Reigate Area Conservation Volunteers). The students removed invasive typha (bullrushes) from the water courses. This gives native species a better chance of success and improves the habitat for migratory birds, amphibians, grass snakes and insects. The group worked extremely effectively all day and did a fantastic job, really working in a spirited manner, working together, despite the inclement weather. Their last excursion to Reigate Heath won the praise of the local council. Well done folks, another impressive day out SAVING THE WORLD in your own back yard by improving habitats for plants and animals … one-small-step-at-a-time.

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