Silver DofE Practice June 2013

81 students completed their Silver training expedition June 30- July 2. In 3 days they walked over 30 miles in beautifully dry weather over the North Downs and Surrey Hills. Navigation was easy on Day1, following the North Downs Way, but proved more tricky for several groups on the route over Blackheath and the Surrey Hills on Day 2. Group speeds varied with some arriving at camp in the early afternoon, whilst others took their time and arrived 6 hours later!  No real problem in summertime but please remember that sticking closely to ETAs is important to qualify and it is not a race…  accurate navigation is the goal; if your group is going to be late to a checkpoint then call your supervisor and rearrange things.

This group was one of the most affable and spirited Silver training group of recent years. Well done and keep it up!

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