AUTUMN TERM DofE schedule

Hi DofE students and parents,

This half term is rather short.  Those planning October expeditions or training groups for October expeditions must attend all sessions listed below or risk being dropped from groups.  See the all new PERKY RGS DofE Gold Award Scheme 2013 (1) rules (Gold but applies to all levels).  Plus, as usual, please consult DATES! page and expedition training pages for more details. Also, kit list here.

ALL DofE students must keep their eDofE pages up to date and current.  Email any snags to SAC at the earliest opportunity.

All Awards are now passed through your eDofE page so all sections must be completed BY YOU on eDofE to earn your award.

Attendance at DofE meetings is compulsory and will be registered.  Email in good time if absence completely unavoidable. Persistant non-attendances will mean losing your place on expeditions and no further dofe 😦

This is a provisional schedule: things can change so please listen out and stay in touch by visiting this site.

Communication is the key to stay ahead with your DofE and to finish it successfully.  Email, blog, twitter (@RGSdofe is embryonic) , Facebook, mobile, bulletin, letters and visiting DofE Office any lunchtime are all ways that YOU can know what is going on.  If in any doubt please contact me or ALW or KSH for an update.

Note: canoe groups of all levels should attend all meets to get info on their training schedules.

4th Year Bronze

Training EVERY Tuesday 4-5.30pm
Starts Tuesday 10 Sept: meet Concert Hall
Bronze Qualifying expedition 11-12 October (Activities Day Fri)

FIRST AID: starts SECOND week after half term Tuesday 12th November 4-5.30pm continues for 12 weeks after that: must attend every session!

5th Year Silver
DofE Team Building Day Fri 11 October all day. Starts from RGS: LETTERS LATER THIS TERM.

No Tuesday training this half term: planning for Silver qualifying starts after MOCKS in Spring Term.

Finish your skill, service and sport. Update eDofE.

Sign Language SKILL: starts Tuesday Sept 10 4-5pm for 12 weeks

Bridge course: check back for updates: STARTS Tuesday 17 Sept 4-5pm in Room 14 for 12 weeks

*Deadline for enrolment forms returned Thursday 26 Sept. (*quota may be applied)
GOLD Training Expedition Mon Oct 28 – Thurs Oct 31
Award leaders recruited and briefed at these meets.

Night Hike Fri November 15  4-10pm: for Award Leaders

L6 GOLD Morocco expedition Feb 2014

Attend all of the above plus these *provisional dates subject to change by Far Frontiers:

*Planning: Tuesday 24 Sept 4-5.30pm

*Morocco Parents Evening Tuesday 15 October 7.00pm venue tba

U6 Gold

AWARD LEADERS: train your groups EVERY Tuesday 4-5.30pm until half term. Meet Concert Hall 4pm Tuesday 10 Sept.


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