Are your expeditions really PERKY?

Update Weather Alert: for activities day and Bronze (and Gold) expeditions: weather Friday and Sat in SE potentially unpleasant with COLD, WET and windy conditions: northerly Arctic airmass and LOW pressure to the SE of the country likely to produce heavy rain and showers.  Rain arrives Fri pm and will persist, with cold wind through to Saturday.  Overnight camp cold and wet and windy. Apparent temps / wind chill could be <5c so prepare plenty of warm clothing.  CHECK for details.

Wear reflective gear.

Include layers of warm clothing including hats and gloves for cold wet conditions at camp.

Remember torch / batteries.

RGS expeditions are assessed on a PERK criteria. Participants will qualify if they have satisfied all requirements.

PERKY 2013

Tuesday 8 Oct: 4th year bronze kit check 4-5.30pm concert hall

Thursday 10 Oct: L6 Gold kit check lunchtime D1: arrive early!

Friday 11 Oct – Sat 12 Oct: Bronze exped.

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