Gold dofe weather warning: severe weather possible on departure day overnight Sun-Monday

Whilst uncertainty exists over track and intensity there is a rising risk of a potentially severe storm developing in the SW and crossing the UK towards the NE over Sunday night and Monday. This storm, propagated by an extreme 180mph stingjet over the English Channel, could bring severe southerly gales with gusts possibly even up to 60mph for much of the south, especially bad towards the SE, including Reigate and near coasts and south of the M4. Storm Force 11 winds will occur in the Channel.  Whilst this is still uncertain it will obviously cause disruption if the worst case occurs.

Whilst winds are due to die down fairly rapidly during Monday, especially further west, the conditions overnight Sunday- Monday  may cause disruption to our intended departure and much of our intended route to Wales.   Whilst wind speeds are due to ameliorate further west during the day they will still be significant and any fallen trees or damage and delays could be significant if this turns out to be as severe as we are expecting.

PLEASE watch forecasts and school will make a decision in due course as to how travel plans are affected and what we will do in that event.

CHECK for details.

S Collins

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