This week …

Update:  GOLD alternative training hike date has changed: we are now looking at Sat 14 June – Tues 17 June: I will confirm this at the L6 meet Thursday.


This term is all about targeting your DofE activities outside school and getting up to date with eDofE.  Bronze dofe 4th year students should aim to complete their Bronze award by Christmas and sign up their edofe pages for approval soon thereafter.  You must complete Bronze to start Silver..which will start next term, around Jan.

Tuesday 5 November meets:

L6 Award leaders: meet D1 4:00-5:30pm every Tuesday this term!

U6 Award leaders: please meet for debrief re-leadership at 4:00pm D1: this will be about 20mins.

5th Form: sign language continues as usual

4th Year bronze start First Aid Tuesday 12 November


Night Hike L6 award leaders Fri 15 November 4-10pm

Also: L6 please meet this THURSDAY LUNCHTIME 1:30pm for briefing on what will happen about your GOLD dofe expedition. 


any snags

see SAC!

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