Reigate Grammar School DofE

Bronze: How to get started

I’ve enrolled in Bronze, now how do I start?

  1. GET activities sorted!
  • Read the Welcome Pack when it arrives at your house (or download a copy here)
  • Sort your 3 activities: skill, physical activity (sport) and volunteering.
  • Read the RGS DofE website advice on each section:  SKILL, VOLUNTEERING and PHYSICAL
  • Check that your proposed activities count in the DofE criteria: ask staff or visit this site if not sure! 
  1. FIND Assessors!
  • Before you start anything: ask a suitable adult (not parents) to be your ASSESSOR.  Ask them like this: “I am doing XYZ activity for my DofE, please will be you able to assess me?”
  • If they agree, show them the assessor guidance notes from your Welcome Pack which explains what they do or download a copy here for each section.
  • Talk to your assessor about your activity, start dates, duration and target finish.
  • Explain how you will log evidence of progress: diary, portfolio, photos, certificates etc
  • Discuss GOALS and TARGETS with your assessor, add these to eDofE.
  • Talk to your assessor about how they will need to write a report about your progress and achievements at the end when you finish.

*Qualified adult means someone suitable who is an expert or is qualified in your chosen activity, willing to monitor and assess your progress and who will write a comment at the end.

  1. REGISTER activities on eDofE!
  • Download the edofe app
  • Login to eDofE: add details, dates and contact emails/contact details numbers for all your assessors.
  • Choose correct time scales: one activity for 6 months, two others for 3months.
  • Submit each activity for approval on eDofE (please do not leave a section as draft)
  • CHECK YOUR ACTIVITIES ARE APPROVED, visit DofE office if queried.
  1. START! Keep evidence.
  • Most activities are an hour per week.  Some may require longer sessions every few weeks which is OK e.g. conservation or charity shop work.
  • Keep a log of diary dates and other EVIDENCE of your sessions: upload to edofe as evidence.
  • Deadline to complete Bronze: February half term in 4th
  • You must finish Bronze if you want to do SILVER. Silver enrolment starts January 4th

What about gaps in activities for holidays or illness?

  • You should follow each activity for minimum 1 hour per week for 3 or 6 months (Bronze).
  • If you miss a week or two then this time must be added to the end.
  • Keep a list of dates and build evidence of your participation that you can scan into edofe.

Can I squeeze 6 months of activity into 3 months if I do 2 hours a week?

No.  The minimum timescales are 1 hour per week for 3 or 6 months.  You must do your activity regularly over the full period of time.

Do activities count if my assessor isn’t there to see it every time?

  • Yes, but you need to provide EVIDENCE on edofe. A diary log of your activity or other evidence can be uploaded to add evidence of your regular participation.  For practical activities, like knitting, your progress is easy to record and assess with regular updates of progress.  For individual academic or skills-based activities e.g. learning magic, juggling, music appreciation, the outcome must be recorded as you progress to a final goal or project or certificate.  Either way, evidence must be presented to your assessor and on eDofE.
  • Assessors will not sign you up unless you can show clear evidence of regular commitment and completion.
  • Assessors are contacted by DofE to check details of your progress at any time.

Can I change activity?

  • If you can, try to do the same activity for the whole duration: the point is to progress and show improvement towards your goals. You can change activity but it is better to pick an activity that can be sustained.
  • If your chosen sport season is too short, continue with assessed training (gym work, nets?) that you agree with your coach or wait and add time when the next season starts.

How do I finish DofE Award sections?

  • Agree a finish date with your assessor, add any time missed for holidays, illness, time off etc.
  • GIVE THEM an ASSESSOR REPORT CARD and ask them to sign it and write a comment (cards are in your welcome pack) and return it to you.
  • Upload their comment into eDofE and submit as “ASSESSORS REPORT”
  • Alternatively assessors can use to report directly into edofe. They will need your edofe number and names to do this.
  • CHECK emails and eDofE in case there are problems with your award.

How do I finish the EXPEDITION section?

  1. Attend all expedition training Tuesdays 4-5pm
  2. Finish and pass a minimum of TWO expeditions.
  3. Return all KIT to kit store PERSONALLY.
  4. Write your expedition REPORT and scan it into your edofe expedition page as evidence (not assessor report).
  5. Complete eDofE aims/goals and objectives for your expedition.

Can I be stopped from finishing or deferred or failed from an expedition?

Yes. If your group is inadequately prepared, badly behaved or too ill-prepared to start an expedition then you may be deferred until you are fully safe and prepared to complete the expedition.

Are there deadlines to complete my DofE Award at RGS?

Yes.  March deadlines to complete Bronze, Silver and Gold are advertised well in advance.

Can I drop out of DofE?

  • Yes, but please tell us. If you pull out near an expedition (i.e. after planning) you could seriously let down your group and possibly stop them going too. You will not be allowed to do later awards at RGS if you drop out.

Do I have to finish Bronze to start Silver and finish Silver to start Gold?

Yes.  At RGS it is a requirement to complete each previous award to start the next higher award.  There are deadlines in place by which each award must be completed.