Directions to pick up/drop off locations for Bronze expedition May 2021

You need to know your group number. Please ask if you are not sure.

Sunday morning start times

All groups start at Reigate Grammar main playground.

Please drop your child 15 minutes before their allocated start time listed below. Please do not drive into the playground or accompany your child on foot into school due to Covid restrictions.


GroupSUNDAY start at RGSGroupSUNDAY start at RGS

What time will they finish on Sunday and Monday?

It is not possible to say precisely when your child’s group will finish on Sunday or Monday. Finish times vary enormously especially on their first expedition, some groups might finish by 2.00pm, others after 6pm.

Please wait for a phone call from your child to update you on their estimated finish time. Please do not arrive too early at pick up points. Some have very little parking space.

Sunday afternoon pick up locations and Monday morning drop off locations are the same place for each group.

ROVERDENE ROUTE: Location for pick up Sunday and drop off Monday

Groups 2,7,12,17

Hilltop Ln Chaldon, CR3 5BL.

Google maps link:

Hilltop Lane is a narrow road. If possible please approach from the North, Rook Ln/Chaldon. The pick up/drop off point is a small triangle of roads, pull into the track that is signed “HillTop Farm”. To avoid congestion please drop off/ pick up promptly.

Roverdene pick up/drop off location
Roverdene drop off/pick up

PARK WOOD ROUTE location for pick up Sunday and drop off Monday

Groups 13,18

Holly Lane car park, Chipstead SM7 3QG

Google maps link:

Holly Lane car park
Holly Lane car park: note height restriction

NUTLEY DENE ROUTE location for pick up Sunday and drop off Monday

Groups 4,9,14,19

Nutley Dene Smalls Hill Rd, Reigate, RH6 0HR

Google maps link

Nutley Dene is a farm and small business park. It is signed off Smalls Hill Road with a stone sign. Drive down the single-track lane, there are speed bumps. Proceed straight on into the farm. There is a tight turning circle. Please pick up and drop off quickly. The exit is by the same lane. Please drive slowly.

Map showing Nutley Dene farm
Access to Nutley Dene is off Smalls Hill Rd, south of Leigh

BOIDIER HURST and HIGH ASHURST ROUTES location for pick up Sunday and drop off Monday

Groups 1,3,5,6,8,10,11,15,16,20 and 21 : all pick up and drop off Boidierhurst scout camp

All groups doing High Ashurst, Boidierhurst (and variation) routes will be picked up and dropped off at Boidierhurst Scout Camp on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

Boidier Hurst Scout Campsite, Boxhill Rd, Headley, Tadworth KT20 7PL

Google maps link

Boidier Hurst scout camp is signed off the road to and from Box Hill village.

Sign post to Boidier Hurst off Box Hill Rd
Track leads to sharp left turn to camp site car park, a few speed bumps so go slowly.
Directions to Boidier Hurst scout camp

Monday drop-off times

GroupMONDAY start time
drop off 10 minutes before
GroupMONDAY start time
drop off 10 minutes before

Finish Monday

All groups finish at Reigate Hill Car Park on the A217 before M25 junction 8 (GR 262 523).  An accurate finish time for pick-up can be phoned through by your son or daughter in the morning.

The finish point at Reigate Hill car park might be busy. Please communicate with your child to pick them up when they are ready. This may involve driving round the car park so they can then hop into the car without needing to park up. This is also in line with our Covid protocols which seek to limit groups gathering at the end.

Google maps link:

Many thanks for helping to give the students a chance to do their practice hike.