Route Instructions

  • Bronze groups will be guided through the planning below by their Award Leader.
  • Silver groups will need to follow the instructions below with staff and then independently.
  • Gold groups will get similar instructions from their expedition provider.
  • The DEADLINE to finish all your expedition planning is in March.

Expedition Planning Instructions

1Download the route instructions allocated to your group. These are available below and look like this…

2Download the GPX file for each route for each day. Import the gpx file onto edofe mapping and COPY the route onto your blank maps. Draw the route using neat spaced pencil circles. Include all check points. Do not obscure the map details by using heavy pens or scrawling too many circles. Write your NAME on your map

3ROUTE CARD: Your group should produce one accurate and completed route card including all check points listed on the route instructions, calculated ETA, heights climbed and leg descriptions and exit points (routes to safe places where supervisors will be or a safe car park for collection). You MAY use the Route Card function in edofe mapping to make your route card. In which case save this, print it, and send a copy to teachers.

Alternatively, you may complete a hard copy of a route card (download link below) and do the same but you will have to CALCULATE distances and times yourself. Neatly complete one route card per day. Write CLEARLY so it can be photocopied by staff. Each group needs one set of route cards.  route card NEW 2019

4KIT LIST: Every group must complete a kit list by discussing together who has what kit, needs what and who will carry what bit of shared kit. Use this kit list. Add your name.  Talk about kit: sort out who is responsible for bringing what. Tick off what you need and add any notes on shared kit.  THINK carefully about kit. See this page for more on the kit you need.

5MENU: Write ONE menu per tent group. Read about the right sort of food to bring on our page on Food. Then discuss and organise the FOOD you are going to eat and write your menu. Talk about the buying and carrying of food together. You MAY use a digital copy of a menu to complete together.

6AIM: Qualifying expedition only: plan a TEAM AIM for your qualifying expedition.

Write the aim on your route card. See this page for more information on Aims.

7KIT CHECK:  See this page for advice on Kit. The date for your kit check will be issued. On that date bring the following for checking: walking boots, waterproof jacket, waterproof over-trousers, weatherproofed (covered) maps in map case (one each), compass, reflective gear.  Staff will tick off that you have presented items that are adequate for the expedition.

DEADLINE: complete all the above by the deadline issued in March so your plans can be approved and returned before the expedition. 

Bronze routes

Silver routes

Training Routes Surrey Hills: (June 2021)

Qualifying ROUTES south downs below: (October)

Gold routes

Please see planning materials issued by your expedition provider: Expeditions Wales.

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