DofE this term

As per bulletin, arrangements for this term for students doing DofE are as follows:

All award levels spend this term planning their summer expeditions.  Attendance at planning meets is registered and is a mandatory requirement to join an expedition.

See PERKY criteria for details.

  • NEW Bronze 3 Years: Thursday assembly, then Concert Hall 1:30pm Thurs to “find out more” and pick up enrolment letters ; enrolment decision and letter required soon after and certainly before Half Term; Bronze groups will meet every Thursday lunchtime this term to plan first practice expeditions May4-5: muster in Concert Hall each Tuesday 1:20pm prompt.
  • SILVER training 4 Year: Tuesday lunchtimes starting January 14th 1:15pm – 2:10pm Geography Rooms
  • SILVER qualifying 5 Year: Tuesdays 4-5:30pm D1 starting AFTER MOCKS on Tuesday 21 Jan 
  • GOLD L6 qualifying/training/Morocco  (canoe and hiking): Tuesdays 4-5:30pm Geog Room 14&15

DEADLINE for completion of all expedition planning requirements checked and submitted correctly: Friday 14 March (please refer to PERKY criteria)

DEADLINE for students to complete and submit all AWARD sections correctly on  eDofE  FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14TH (First Aid 4th years have special extension to 14 March, so long as all other sections are complete by 14 Feb)

Apologies for this rash of deadlines.  They are necessary so that everyone is clear on what is required and by when to avoid disappointment and permit success for those who are keen to get their award.  As usual, if there are any individual snags or problems, please contact MrC at school: email, DofE Office open every lunchtime and for a while after school.  Also, please keep in touch with dofe on Twitter @RGSdofe , Facebook and this blog!

This week… Tues 12 Nov

Bronze 4th year First aid starts Tuesday 4-5pm Meet Dance Studio 4pm: attendance at all sessions registered and compulsory (dates below)

First Aid Program for Reigate Grammar School DATES 2013

L6 GOLD award leaders D1 4-5:30pm

Sign Language: 4pm usual venue

ALL dofe students MUST be submitting all their activities for approval and finishing eDofE sections by submitting them for approval as soon as possible. 

KEEP Friday April 25 7pm FREE for RGS annual Award Presentation evening

This week …

Update:  GOLD alternative training hike date has changed: we are now looking at Sat 14 June – Tues 17 June: I will confirm this at the L6 meet Thursday.


This term is all about targeting your DofE activities outside school and getting up to date with eDofE.  Bronze dofe 4th year students should aim to complete their Bronze award by Christmas and sign up their edofe pages for approval soon thereafter.  You must complete Bronze to start Silver..which will start next term, around Jan.

Tuesday 5 November meets:

L6 Award leaders: meet D1 4:00-5:30pm every Tuesday this term!

U6 Award leaders: please meet for debrief re-leadership at 4:00pm D1: this will be about 20mins.

5th Form: sign language continues as usual

4th Year bronze start First Aid Tuesday 12 November


Night Hike L6 award leaders Fri 15 November 4-10pm

Also: L6 please meet this THURSDAY LUNCHTIME 1:30pm for briefing on what will happen about your GOLD dofe expedition. 


any snags

see SAC!

New date for RGS Award Presentation Evening 2013

The RGS DofE Award Presentation evening will be on Friday April 19 2013, starting 7.00pm (time to be confirmed).  It has been moved from the usual slot in January to allow First Aid and Sign Language students, amongst others, to finish their awards and attend the evening.  Please note this is the first Friday of the summer term: keep it free if you are expecting to get an Award!

The deadline for completing awards will be the week before the end of the Spring term: Friday 15 March. All record books must be completed and signed and submitted to the dofe office by that date to be included in the award presentation.