How to finish your Award

You need to be sure you have completed the full timescale for each of your activities for each section and your assessor must agree!

To “pass” the award you now need to login to edofe and complete details of all your activities to finish your Award.  Your assessor will need to provide a report. – send this link to your assessor with your eDofE number

How to finish your Award

  1. TALK TO YOUR ASSESSOR: Agree with them that you have completed the required timescale and goals for your section. 
  3. UPLOAD EVIDENCE: Submit evidence you have that shows your progress and achievements e.g. diary logs of dates and activities, certificates, portfolio of photographic evidence of progress etc
  4. UPLOAD PRESENTATION FORM: Fill in your expedition-report-new-template-2016 and upload it to your expedition edofe page as the “Presentation”. 
  5. Click “SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL” on ALL completed sections.
  • Once your evidence has been approved by DofE (this can take a while) you will receive an email saying you have successfully completed the award.
  • You will then receive an invite to the RGS Award Presentation

Keep an eye out for emails and any queries… If something isn’t quite right then DofE may not approve your award so please check dates and reports and evidence before submitting.

LOST your DofE welcome pack with record cards for assessors to sign?

Download spares here

Golden rule: please do not nag your assessor to sign! Assessors are volunteers and they will need time to sign you off and write a comment. They can turn you down if they think you have not finished for any reason.  DofE will back up an assessor who is not absolutely certain you have earned your award.

When do I need to finish by?

The final deadline for Awards each year is usually in February, by which Bronze, Silver and Gold awards need to be finished in time to receive an invite to the RGS Annual Award Presentation evening (usually April).  Invites are only issued to those who complete their award by the deadline. 

Still stuck? … contact us at school!

Official dofe edfoe Participant_user_guide

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