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How to finish your Award on eDofE

How do I finish my award on eDofE?

OK, so you (the participant) are sure you have completed the full timescale for each of the dofe sections and your assessor agrees. To “pass” the award you now need to login and complete details of all your activities on eDofE to finish your Award.  Here is some guidance on how to finish your award so you actually get it!

Please read this page first.  If you still get stuck then please contact me or or come to the dofe office for help.  We can usually work things out if given time.


  1. TALK to your ASSESSOR and agree with them that you have completed your section.  Ask them to write your report. Please do not nag them.  If they want you to do more, then you will need to do more.
  2. UPLOAD to edofe all your signed assessor reports and *evidence for each section i.e. skill, volunteering, physical activity and expedition (plus residential section for Gold). Asessors can upload their reports direct to your edofe page here if you give them your edofe id number. Assessor report should be 1 paragraph.
  3. Your edofe section and assessor reports need to include accurate start and finish dates of your activity showing either 3,6 or 12 months of regular activity.  Any gaps in activity can be added to the end, so most end dates will extend beyond the required minimum finish time.
  4. Don’t forget to fill in your expedition-report-new-template-2016 and upload it to your expedition edofe page as the “Presentation”.  This is often forgotten and stops awards getting finished.
  5. Click “submit for approval” on all completed sections.
  6. When all evidence has been approved by DofE (this can take a while) you will receive an email saying you have successfully completed the award.
  7. You will then receive an invite to the RGS Award Presentation, usually in April or early May.
  8. If there is a problem with your evidence you might receive an email query which you need to respond to if you wish to get the award. Come to the dofe office or contact dofe staff promptly if this happens.
  9. DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING AS “DRAFT”… always submit for approval! We cannot process or approve anything which is left as DRAFT!

*evidence might include a log of attendance, certificates earned, photos of you doing the activity, diary logs, expedition presentation reports etc.

Please note: you have not got your award and will not get an invite to award presentations until you have completed everything on edofe as outlined on this page and received a confirmation email from dofe.

LOST your DofE welcome pack with record cards for assessors to sign?

Download spares here and use these:




Golden rule: please do not nag your assessor to sign! Assessors are volunteers and they will need time to sign you off and write a comment. They can turn you down if they think you have not finished for any reason.  DofE will back up an assessor who is not absolutely certain you have earned your award. To be certain you need to provide them with evidence of completing the award section.

When do I need to finish by?

The target is to finish by February half term.

The deadline is usually in March, by which Bronze, Silver and Gold awards need to be finished in time to receive an invite to the RGS Annual Award Presentation evening which is usually early in the summer term each year.  Invites are only issued to those who complete their award by the deadline. 

Still stuck?

Here are more detailed instructions on how to finish your DofE

Please read carefully and contact me if unsure how to proceed:

  • YOU upload (scan/photo) evidence of your completed activities to each eDofE section to prove it is finished.  As a minimum, evidence must include a signed comment from your assessor. Evidence may also include diary logs of your participation, appropriate photos and scanned certificates etc. However, evidence absolutely must include a signed comment from your assessor that is scanned in by you or posted directly onto the following webpage by your assessor (they will need your edofe number to do this, available from your edofe page)
  • Training expedition: once you pass the training expedition, tick all boxes on Training Expedition and submit for approval to Leader (Mr Collins or Mrs Baker).  We know you have completed your training so tick all the boxes yourself if not already done for you.
  • Qualifying expedition: Once you pass the qualifying expedition section YOU need to write a short report “presentation”.  You were told to do this at the end of the qualifying expedition.  Here is a short template to help you do this: expedition-presentation-template-2016 (1).  This is your “presentation” and this must uploaded to edofe in the “Presentation” section.  Add simple details to every box as below.
  • Note: “expedition notification number” only required for Gold. Email in for this info.
  • To submit the expedition section, YOU need to add your expedition “Aims and Objectives” to the eDofE expedition section.  Type these in the spaces.  Your award cannot be finally approved without this information.  We cannot do any of this for you so please complete it all and do not leave it as draft.
  • Once each eDofE page is complete with all assessor comments and evidence, YOU MUST submit your eDofE page for approval! Please click and complete everything!! 🙂
  • Finally, Awards are approved and verified centrally by edofe and so your eDofE pages must be correctly completed, or queries will be raised and YOU will learn through eDofE that your award cannot be approved.  If the Award is not approved then we cannot send you an invite to the presentation and no award will be forthcoming until things are completed correctly by you.  Please check your emails and eDofE during this process so that prompt action can be taken to help.  Please contact us in the dofe office if unsure at any time.  We will not necessarily know if you are behind in this process until it is too late.
  • We are not usually able to accept last-minute award submissions much beyond the deadline because it takes a long time to have awards centrally processed and approved.  Nevertheless, always ask and sometimes we can sometimes squeeze people into the award presentation given a perfectly completed edofe.

The target for finishing your award on edofe is February half term and the final deadline to be sure of receiving an invite to the Award Presentation is usually around 15th March.

Students who miss this deadline but still complete their award, will receive their award the following year so long as they finish it properly as outlined above.  Please also remember that students must finish Bronze to start Silver and finish Silver to start Gold at RGS.

Any snags at all please contact Mr Collins in the dofe office at school.

Official dofe edfoe Participant_user_guide

starting and finishing

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