Gold qualifying expedition July 10-14 2011

Mid-Wales: Plynlimon mountain, near Llanidloes: sunny, sunny, hot!  Excellent weather throughout, amazing unbroken sunshine … groups needed regular water top ups. 
4 groups trekked over Plynlimon mountain area: all students were spirited & enthusiastic despite the occasionally uncomfortable arid conditions and painful feet. 
They camped in various secret wild camp locations and left absolutely no trace of their visit: top quality wild country travel.
You were a superb bunch to take on this trip, we think you learnt a lot on the way and all the staff thoroughly enjoyed taking you on this expedition …
DofE Gold at its best!
Happy Holidays!
Mr C

July Conservation Day

Nutfield Marshes: 30 pupils were praised for their excellent conservation work on clearing a channel of choking typha reeds. They formed a big team and worked hard together both in the stream and on dry land clearing willow coppice. They were a superb bunch and were highly regarded as one of the best RGS conservation teams that Reigate Area Conservation Volunteers has seen.  Very well done folks!
If you want to do MORE conservation in your own time … contact Mr Collins for RACV details: YOU can save the World, starting in your own back yard!
Next RGS conservation day: December 13

Silver expedition June 26-28

The biggest Silver hike EVER! Over 100 students and staff were involved in this 3 day expedition across the Surrey Hills.  Groups coped well in the hot & humid conditions; the best prepared brought a sun hat, sun cream and plenty of water.  Navigation was OK: mistakes are expected and groups generally recovered their routes quickly.  The Surrey Hills area is tricky to navigate so it’s quite a test and you all did well!

Note: some hikers suffered unbelievably bad blisters which can be down to bad luck but please everyone do your best to check your boots fit properly, wear good quality walking socks (thin inner, thick outer) and try to keep your feet dry & cool and boots free from grit: not always easy!  “Treat your feet” and stop as soon as any hot spots appear.