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The DofE “physical section” includes any sport or aerobic activity that works your body (which distinguishes it from a skill)!

programme ideas – Physical


  • Lesson time NEVER counts towards dofe in any subject.
  • PSHE, PE, Games, Electives do NOT count towards dofe regardless of the subject e.g. first aid elective does NOT count to dofe, football in games does NOT count to dofe.
  • Training and matches after school can count towards dofe.

Before you start you must find a qualified suitable adult to be your assessor.  Usually this will be your coach or trainer.  Ask them BEFORE you start your dofe and talk to them to set suitable goals and targets for your physical activity.  They should monitor your progress and activity.  Keep a diary LOG of your participation to scan as evidence into edofe at the end.  The DofE enrolment pack has useful cards to help with the process.

It can be a team sport or an individual sport. Your physical activity should include specific goals, targets, levels to achieve or competitions or simply involve participation over the required time-scale.  You can be an expert of a high standard already or start something new as a beginner.  It is progress that counts and this means setting appropriate goals with your assessor.

School games lessons and PE periods do not count for dofe!  

If you are in a school team or play for a club then training sessions and matches outside lesson / curriculum time do count (e.g. lunch times or after school training). Keep a diary record of dates you attend and scan this into edofe.  Photos / certificates etc can also be scanned into edofe as evidence of your progress and achievements.

At the end you will ask your assessor to sign up your edofe card and write a comment once you have finished the required time.  Scan or photo upload these into edofe.

these activities ARE physical activities… yoga, sailing, dinghy sailing, martial arts.



What happens if the season finishes? You can change to a related sport, do fitness or take a gap.  Agree this with Mr Collins and your assessor.

More ideas for Physical activities in Lockdown…

Below are loads of ideas of ways you can do your Physical section at home. For more inspiration, check out our full list of Physical section activities.

– Do an online yoga course with Lizzie Ward YogaThe Kindness ClubYoga CharmD or The Yoga Gate

– Complete the Couch to 5k challenge, or many of the other NHS fitness sessions

– Do an hour’s YouTube fitness video each week (you can try boot camps, pilates, dance routines and more)

– Get out on your bike or on a walk in your local area – use an app to track your routes to upload as evidence on eDofE

– Do some fitness challenges (such as 100 press up challenge, plank challenge, step challenge)

Download more sport ideas here:

programme ideas – Physical

and more advice here


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